The Amazes Uses of Concrete

Benefits of Stained Concrete for a Home Garden

Stained concrete may not sound glamorous. It can conjure up images of dirty paving covered in oil and grease. But stained decorative concrete is a gorgeous form of paving. Here are some of its benefits:

Variable Finish

If you admire the marbling and multitoned finishes of natural stone, then the look of stained concrete may be perfect for you. Contractors spray stain formulations onto the concrete, and the chemical ingredients react with the cement to create patterns. The effects aren't totally predictable because the nature of the concrete and its specific condition and age will influence how it responds. The paving tends to look more like a random organic surface than a uniform painted one.

Control Over Appearance

Contractors can also hand-select techniques to improve the look of stained concrete, giving you a lot of options for your paving. They can spray the stain solution in a circular or zigzag motion to give the appearance of layers of toned clouds.

They can spray multiple layers of different colours to add dimension. For example, they may combine tan, charcoal and grey-blue stains successively and in sections to mimic slate. Alternatively, a contractor can apply several layers of the same stain colour for a more intense finish. If you want relatively uniform paving, they can sweep a broom over wet stains to even them out.

Combines with Other Techniques

You have more options once you combine staining with other decorative techniques. Concrete services can score or saw-cut lines in the hard paving in square or diamond patterns, for example, to emulate pavers. They can fill the faux grout lines with cementitious grout to make the faux pavers appear more authentic. To further enhance the realism, they can cover the surrounding squares with plastic and apply layers of stains to each square individually. Doing so will create a break between each paver, as the pattern won't be continuous — just like it's not with real separate pavers.

Staining techniques can also enhance stamped concrete. While contractors use a saw on set concrete to produce scored paving, stamped concrete is formed differently. After the concrete is poured and slightly set, they press moulds, called stamps, into the paving to imprint it with grooves and textures. Stamps mimic a wide range of substances, including stone and brick pavers and timber planks.

Works on Slightly Damaged Concrete

One benefit of stained concrete is that it works on concrete with slight cracks and damage so long as it is structurally sound. The concrete, however, will need to be cleaned thoroughly with all the grease and dirt lifted to allow the stains to soak in and create magical effects. If you want to produce paving with an antiqued look, any existing cracks can make the concrete more characterful.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for concrete services near you.