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Which Kind of Brick Restoration Does Your Residential Property Require?

Even though bricks have been used in construction for time immemorial, this material remains relevant in new-age residential construction and this is a testament to the range of advantages that it offers. Not only does this material have a high thermal mass that makes it perfect for Australia's extreme temperature changes, but it is also an economical choice. Moreover, bricks are environmentally friendly building materials, making them perfect for the construction of sustainable homes.

But while bricks are inherently weather-resistant, they do succumb to the constant exposure to inclement weather, dirt, UV rays and so on. Fortunately, replacement is not the only solution available to you. Instead, consider the following types of brick restoration services so you can determine what would be most ideal for your residential property.

Comprehensive cleaning

If your bricks have lost their lustre and look dull, they have an immediate effect on the overall kerb appeal of your property. Thus, some homeowners tend to think that it is time to overhaul these building materials, but this is not usually the case. Instead, your bricks may have simply lost their vibrancy from being coated in algae, dirt, stains and so on. The best solution to this problem is to enlist deep cleaning services from your brick restoration provider.

While it may seem easier to simply take industrial-strength cleaners and a scrubber to the bricks, you could end up causing irreparable damage that would warrant replacement. Leaving this to the professionals not only ensures that the right cleaning supplies are used but that the process is undertaken with utmost care so that the bricks do not acquire accidental damage.

Meticulous resealing

One characteristic of bricks that you should know about is that they are porous. And while this may not pose a problem if your location does not experience a considerable amount of precipitation, you will notice changes to these bulling supplies if your area is usually humid or if you reside by the coast, as the bricks will be continually exposed to moist and salty air. With time, the surface of the bricks starts to soften and this can lead to crumbling. If this problem is not addressed in good time, the structural integrity of the bricks can become affected and they will no longer be sturdy.

To prevent this from happening, you should seek restoration services in the form of resealing at least annually. Before resealing, the concrete contractors will buff out the affected areas and then apply a coating to protect the unaffected parts of the bricks. You can also opt for repainting the bricks before resealing if these materials have lost their lustre from the humidity. Reach out to a professional for brick restoration