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3 Ways In Which Slipform Is Better Than Other Conventional Types of Concrete

Kerbing construction is one of the most challenging parts of the concrete construction process. In the past, contractors did the process by hand, and the finishing procedure was very complicated. However, techniques have improved a lot over the past century, and the industry has the right machinery to make flawless kerbs within a short time. Slipform machines are one of the best ways to install a durable and perfect kerb, retaining wall, bridge, or other related structure.

If you are thinking about the best way to install your kerb, consider the slipform method. Here are three ways in which it will improve your construction process.

The Construction Process Takes Less Time

In the construction process, time is connected to the amount of money you will spend on a particular project. When you have contractors and builders creating kerbs for two weeks, you have to pay for fourteen days of labour. You will also have to foot any other bills that result from the site being active for the two weeks. However, when you choose the simple and speedier process of using slipform, they could complete the project in half the time.

Your team will then move on to other parts of the construction process, and your kerbs will cure and become functional earlier than when you use the regular method.

You Use Less Concrete

The second benefit of the process is how it conserves your construction material. The method involves putting the form in place and pouring the concrete onto it. No amount of your concrete will get lost in the process, which eventually reduces your construction expenses.

Also, the finished kerb will be even and will not need any additional finishing. Your contractors will not need spacers and templates to create a specific slope. The resulting kerb will last for years and require minimum maintenance, improving the driveway's life.

The Kerbs Strengthen the Pavement

The life and strength of your pavement will depend on the quality of the kerb. The benefit of investing in slipform construction is that it enhances the integrity of the entire pavement. The contractors achieve reinforcement by improving sub-base compaction.

The resulting pavement will serve you for longer and will be less susceptible to developing cracks, potholes, and other weaknesses.

Talk to your contractor about using slipform construction. They will guide you in choosing the right forms, getting the right concrete mix, and installing the kerbs. Consequently, you will have durable, attractive and efficient kerbs around your property. 

To learn more, contact a slipform concrete contractor.