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Why Use Hollowcore Precast Concrete Floors in Your Office Build?

You have a few different ways to construct concrete floors when you're building an office building. You can pour and lay the concrete as you go along or construct panels on site. Alternatively, you can use precast concrete panels.

Precast panels have some advantages on their own. If you use hollowcore panels, you get a few extra benefits. What are the advantages to your build?

Installation Speed

Precast concrete floor panels are manufactured offsite to meet your exact requirements. You can even have the panels designed to fit in with any existing infrastructure requirements, like power supplies. When the panels arrive, your crew simply has to lay and fit them to create each floor.

This process doesn't need as much manpower as other floor-laying methods. It also makes it quicker to create each floor and reduces wait time in your building schedule.

When your crew lay down panels, they're virtually good to go immediately. Once the floor is down, it is ready to work on. There's no need to wait for concrete to dry or cure. It's ready as soon as it is laid. So some of your crew can lay a floor, and other workers can then work in the area immediately. The floor crew can then move on to another area. This keeps things ticking over work-wise. You don't have to factor in project delays or wait times waiting for a floor to be ready.

Hollowcore Benefits

If you opt for precast floor panels that have a hollowcore design, then this design gives you some other benefits. Each hollowcore panel has channels or tube-like holes running through its core.

This makes the panels lighter than the norm. Again, this makes their installation easier. Lighter panels are easier to move around your site, and you can use fewer men to deal with them.

The channels and tubes in hollowcore panels are also useful in a multi-story office build. You may need to incorporate a lot of power, utility and infrastructure cabling in the building. The channels that come built into these panels are perfect for this job. You can use them as service areas to hold cabling and wires

You can also cut other channels in panels if you want smaller access tubes. This allows you to customise the panels to your building's exact needs.

If you want to learn more about how hollowcore precast concrete panel floors will work in your building, ask your concrete contractor for advice. They can talk to you about panel sizes and designs.