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Two Essential Reasons Why Periodically Sealing Your Exterior Concrete Is Vital

If you have recently laid concrete for your driveway, chances are your contractors sealed the surface once they were done with curing it. However, do not assume that sealing your concrete is a one-off procedure. As long as you have a concrete driveway, it is essential to engage in periodic sealing so that the existing surface is continuously being rejuvenated. Failure to stick to a routine sealing schedule will expose your concrete surfaces to many additional risk factors, and you will find yourself engaging in regular concrete repairs, whose costs can quickly accumulate. If you have been under the impression that concrete sealers are only used at installation, read on to learn two essential reasons why periodic driveway sealing is vital for the longevity of your concrete.

Concrete sealing retains your driveway's appeal

Since plain concrete was considered dull, homeowners can now find they have a plethora of decorative concrete solutions they can select to bolster their home's kerb appeal. Nonetheless, merely installing decorative concrete and leaving it exposed to the elements will inevitably cause the surface to degrade over time. Concrete sealers can prevent this from happening when they are applied on a regular basis. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to change the finish of your decorative concrete as you choose. For instance, if you want your concrete driveway to have a shine to it, you can opt for high-gloss sealers that will immediately transform the finish of your driveway. In addition to this, if your concrete is installed in areas frequently exposed to wetness, you can opt for slip-resistant sealers that will add a degree of traction to your concrete surfaces.

Concrete sealing protects your driveway from staining

Another reason why routine sealing is critical to the maintenance of your concrete is htat it provides a protective barrier against potential staining. Driveways are especially susceptible to staining since they are always exposed to the traffic of vehicles. If your driveway's sealer has deteriorated over time, the concrete will absorb any oil or grease that leaks from your car, and this can prove challenging to eliminate, unless you engage professional cleaning services, like power washing, for example. As a result, you find these stain spots detracting from the attractiveness of your concrete, and you may have to consider resurfacing the area. Instead of exposing your driveway to this form of damage, you should meticulously stick to a sealing schedule.