The Amazes Uses of Concrete

Concrete Kerbing

What is concrete kerbing

This is the use of concrete to do edging on a landscape. It comes as an alternative for the use of plastic or metal to do the same. This method has proven to work well under all climates in the world over.

Installation and maintenance of concrete kerbs.

The subgrade is going to support the load transmitted by the paving. It should be well drained and compacted. The base course should also be compacted. The contractors should also ensure they use well-graded sand; washed river sand is the best as it is slightly wet when the pavers are laid on it. It is also important to ensure the correct method of grouting is used for your application.

Contractors should keep in mind that concrete is very porous and as such should avoid spillage of oil, grease, paint or any other chemicals on the paving. This is because; the concrete kerb will easily absorb them and probably suffer damage.

In any case, they happen to mistakenly spill, avoid using high-pressure cleaning tools it might end up damaging the grouting. It is advisable to cover these areas during construction to avoid any accidents.

The kerbed area should be swept constantly to prevent build up the buildup of grime and debris. Covering areas between the pavers every once in a while with sand and plaster to make sure the paving does not shift is also advised.

Cleaning of stains on concrete kerbs

Cleaning of concrete kerbs is dependent on the kind of stain on it.

Paint marks and plaster

You can use dilute acid-based cleaning products to take care of these stains. It is, however, important to follow instructions especially on dilution as too much acid may potentially destroy the kerbs. Rinse thoroughly with a lot of water to ensure there is no acid residue on the kerb.

Oil and grease

Sweep off the stain and wash the remaining stain with soap and water. Brush well for best results and rinse off with a lot of water.

Cement powder

Do not attempt to use water to clean this stain. This is because cement will harden on contact with water. The best way to clean off this stain is either by blowing off the dust or simply sweeping it away.

Cement kerbing is very easy to maintain. Following proper instructions while installing it and after installing it will ensure your paves last longer and still look fit. During cleaning, you may consider hiring a professional cleaner to do it as they know what chemicals to use and what amounts of it are appropriate.