The Amazes Uses of Concrete

Amazing Benefits Exposed Aggregate Will Lend Your Exterior Flooring

If you have exterior flooring that requires paving, chances are you have contemplated surfacing these areas with traditional concrete. This form of concrete may be affordable, but it is not the only option. Regular concrete is bland and is prone to cracking after a while, which can make it a complete eyesore. To boost your kerb appeal, you should consider something more decorative such as exposed aggregate. In essence, exposed aggregate comprises a concrete base, but the difference is the material is mixed with foreign debris to give it an uneven surface. The following article discusses some of the amazing benefits that exposed aggregate will lend your exterior flooring.

Non-slippery surfaces

A major drawback to having smooth surfaces on your driveway, walkways and kerbing is the increased risk of slip and fall accidents. You could end up significantly injuring yourself, especially during the wet season when precipitation is unavoidable. Some homeowners may have thought to surface their properties with polished concrete as it is more appealing than regular concrete, but this increases the risk of falling even more. Exposed aggregate is functional for the outside as it ensures your exterior flooring will always have traction. Therefore, whether you have children or just want to limit the occurrence of accidents, exposed aggregate would be a perfect fit.

Unparalleled weather resistance

Durability is critical for your exterior flooring. From erratic weather changes to high traffic, it is not surprising that your exterior flooring could easily disintegrate if it is not made from sturdy materials. Exposed aggregate is a perfect option to resurface these areas, as its composition is different from regular the concrete. The aggregate compounds that are added to this material are all structurally different. Therefore, the new material they form would be better suited to withstanding elemental changes than if you were using a surfacing agent that is made from one uniform material. So if you want to put off resurfacing your exterior flooring for years to come, invest in exposed aggregate and simply have it sealed on a regular basis.

Astounding aesthetics

A critical difference between conventional concrete and exposed aggregate is the aesthetic appeal that the latter offers. A huge benefit of exposed aggregate is that you have creative freedom to choose what materials you prefer your aggregate to be made of. Whether you want a contemporary aesthetic by using glass shards or would prefer a traditional feel with coloured pebbles, you can achieve any appearance that you want for your exterior surfaces.