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Commercial Concreting – Top Reasons to Opt For Protective Finishes

Owning a retail business means being reliant on foot traffic to boost your sales. Nevertheless, merely investing in commercial concreting for your premises would not suffice. With high traffic comes an increase in wear and tear, which can detract from the kerb appeal of your commercial property. Therefore, it would also be essential for you to invest in a protective finish for your kerbing, paving and other concrete surfaces. However, not many individuals are aware of how vital these protective finishes are. The following are some of the top reasons why you should opt for protective overlays for your commercial concreting.

Enhanced decorative appeal

A distinct characteristic of most concrete surfaces in commercial premises is a drab and grey appearance. Nonetheless, this does not have to be so with your commercial property. If you would like to enhance the aesthetic of your premises but would want an affordable option that would not substantially affect your bottom line, then concrete protective coating would be a great choice. Overlays such as polished concrete offer an attractive finish to your surfaces, without you having to install new flooring around the premises. Moreover, different overlays can provide you with various appearances such as glossy finishes, matte finishes, acid stained finishes and more. The pleasing ambience that you create could also translate into an increase in profits, as customers are attracted to your place of business.

Thorough coverage of flaws

Concrete may be highly durable, but this does not make it immune to eventual degradation. When cracks start to form on your concreted surfaces, your business premises can quickly become unsightly. Fortunately, deteriorating commercial concreting does not have to translate into re-flooring. Instead, you could invest in a protective finish that can function to prevent further degradation while also camouflaging the damage that has already occurred. Specialised finishes such as epoxy are an excellent alternative for business owners that would want to hide minor embellishments on their concrete flooring while also injecting a renewed sense of appeal to their concrete surfaces.

Increased resistance to slips

The last thing that any business owner would want would be a customer acquiring bodily harm on their premises. If one of your customers is to accidentally slip on your flooring and break a limb or develop some other form of severe injury, you would be liable to their medical bills and any other subsequent costs related to the accident. Protective overlays that provide your concrete surfaces with a textured finish can significantly decrease the risk of this happening by increasing the traction of your walkways, paving and kerbing.

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