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4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Concrete Cutter

Cut-off machines are the most common handheld saws that hobbyists can use to cut concrete during DIY projects. Several considerations should be kept in mind when purchasing or renting this tool for a job. This article discusses some of the factors that can help you to select the most appropriate cut-off machine for your project.

Jobsite Environment

You should select a cut-off machine after considering where you will be using that power tool. For instance, an electric cut-off machine is the best option in case you will be working indoors. This is because such a tool will not pose any safety concerns regarding exhaust fumes. It would be unwise to use a saw powered by a diesel engine in an enclosed space because you risk asphyxiation as the exhaust fumes build up in that enclosed space.


It is also important for you to be mindful of the weight of any cut-off machine that you hire. Heavier saws usually perform better than their lighter counterparts. However, the heavy machine is likely to exhaust you quickly, and you risk abandoning the project or taking longer to complete it due to the numerous breaks that you will need to recover from the fatigue of carrying that heavy tool. Test the different options available and select the one whose weight is manageable for you so that you don't encounter avoidable difficulties when using that machine.

Your Experience Level

Cut-off machines should be selected to match the experience level of the person who will be using them. For example, it would be unwise for you to opt for a hydraulic cut-off machine if you don't have any experience using this tool. Hydraulic concrete cutters are harder to handle because the pressure within the hydraulic lines causes the cutter to move erratically. Significant effort is needed to keep the tool under control. Complete novices can be overwhelmed by such a machine. In contrast, pneumatic saws are easier to handle and are therefore a good choice for beginners.

Desired Cutting Depth

Consider selecting a heavier cut-off machine in case the concrete that you wish to cut is thick/deep. Heavier machines can make deeper cuts than what lighter machines are capable of. Selecting a heavier saw will, therefore, enable you to complete the job much faster than would have been possible if you used a lighter saw. Remember to avoid selecting a saw that is too heavy for you to operate comfortably.

Getting the right cut-off machine for your concrete cutting project requires you to balance various elements, such as those covered in the discussion above. Enlist a concrete cutting professional to help in case the project turns out to be more demanding than you had anticipated.